Through a partnership with the State of Colorado, COVIDCheck Colorado has made fast and accurate COVID-19 testing available to all Coloradans, free of charge.

We offer gold standard PCR tests at our sites. With saliva testing, the SalivaDirect™ protocol is used, where the patient expels saliva into a tube. For the nasal PCR test, a trained medical professional inserts a cotton swab into each of the patient’s nostrils for about ten seconds. Both tests are fast, free, and reliable and have received an FDA EUA.

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SalivaDirect™ is a PCR testing protocol with FDA Emergency Use Authorization. Participants provide a saliva sample under the supervision of a medical professional. The NBA used SalivaDirect™ in “the bubble” to test its players during the 2020 season and the protocol is being rolled out to other organizations, institutions, and populations around the country. Yale’s studies have shown that SalivaDirect™ PCR is as sensitive as a nasal PCR test and is both more convenient and comfortable for participants than a nasal swab.

With SalivaDirect™, saliva samples are collected at testing sites under the supervision of a trained professional and then transported to a local lab, enabling results to be delivered to individuals within 2-3 days.

We currently use RT-PCR nasal tests. This test is run through 40 cycles of PCR in order to detect the virus as early as possible. The test is highly sensitive in an analytic sense; if viral RNA is present in the sample, it is exceedingly likely to be detected. For more information, you can find the FDA Emergency Use Authorization of the specific tests that we use here.

Everyone in Colorado is eligible to get tested free of charge. No insurance or identification are required. Regular COVID-19 testing is our most effective strategy to stopping COVID-19 until vaccines are available at scale.

You can make an appointment at one of COVIDCheck Colorado’s dozens of convenient locations. The test process is very simple and we have both drive-through and walk-up options. The nasal swab test and saliva test take less than 5 minutes to complete and results are delivered via text and email within 2-3 days.

Depending on the contact information you provided during registration, you will receive a text message and/or email alert from PrimaryBio when your results are available. If you test positive, you will receive a phone call from a telehealth clinician who will provide support and guidance on next steps. Should you notice that your results are delayed, please contact

Testing is easy, fast, and reliable. To ensure the most efficient testing experience, we encourage everyone to register ahead of time. COVIDCheck Colorado uses a nasal PCR test and a saliva PCR test, which are highly sensitive and reliable tests administered by licensed medical professionals.

COVIDCheck Colorado test participants have access to the following key tools and services:

Mobile-friendly appointment scheduling and results reporting tool

Drive-thru and walk-up test sites throughout Colorado

Non-invasive PCR tests administered by medical professionals in 5 minutes or less

Test results delivered via email and text within 2-3 days

Telehealth appointments provided for those who test positive

For more information related to COVID-19 testing, view our list of frequently asked questions.

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"We couldn't do any of our regular testing for staff and students without the capacity or partnership of COVIDCheck Colorado. We have 50,000 students in-person and regular screening is integral to keeping everyone safe and remaining in-person."

Dustin Kress, Chief of Staff, Denver Public Schools

Getting tested and
vaccinated for COVID-19 can
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